Let's try to break Renpy!

Presonal notes for renpy, edited to look like a tutorial.

When starting to write your game define your character before the "start" label.
You CAN define variables and some other things After the fact but it's so messy. why would you do that?
I'll elaborate another day.

define CODENAME = Character("Character Name","Color","other variables")

Now that you have a character, we'll write. It's very simple.
With the proper indentation, use your characters CODENAME. This will bring up their name in the dialogue box.
Then in quotation marks write their dialogue. An example below.

CODENAME "This is example text"

You can use certain tags inside your quotations to alter the text. Examples include \n for line breaks.

CODENAME "This text has a linebreak.\nIt looks good in game."

Variables are bitches. fuck them.

The difference between CALL screen and SHOW screen is that:

CALL screen will dissapear after a proper ACTION is run
SHOW screen will stay up.

Fuck ConditionSwitch. me and my friends cannot comprehend ConditionSwitch.